Ambassador Programme Terms and Conditions


1.    Ambassadors must be individuals over the age of eighteen years with work rights in Australia.


2.    You must disclose to prospective ticket purchasers that you will receive a benefit from the ticket sales you generate if your Ambassador Code is used by the buyer.


3.   We will provide you with regular updates of tickets sold using your Ambassador Code. 


4.    You will accrue proceeds on the tickets you sell, when the buyer enters your Ambassador Code at time of purchase and the transaction is successful.

5.    Proceeds shall be 10% of the ticket/s purchase price.

6.    Proceeds generated can be used to:

a. Purchase your own tickets.

b. Reimburse the cost of your prior ticket purchases.

c. Upgrade your own tickets. (VIP Meet & Greets etc)

7.    Proceeds can also be paid out if preferred. If payout is preferred, proceeds will be paid out within 7 days of completion of the show season to a bank account nominated your yourself.


8.    If tickets which were purchased using your Ambassador Code are cancelled or refunded for any reason, the allocated proceeds will be deemed to have not been earned.


9.    You may use the information and content provided in our Ambassador Information Pack when promoting the show. 

10. Should you require additional information or content, we will provide this to you where possible.

11.  You may not make any claims to prospective buyers that deviate from the information in the Ambassador Information Pack without obtaining our prior written permission.


11.  Your appointment as an Ambassador is made and maintained entirely at our discretion.

12.  We reserve the right to terminate your appointment for any reason we may deem fit and without notice.

13.  In the event that we terminate your appointment, or you choose to terminate your appointment, your affiliate code with be cancelled. All proceeds accruing to you up to that point will remain payable to you as long as the tickets associated with the proceeds remain valid.


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